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Little Bio

If you've come all the way from Twitter to read this, then you deserve an introduction.

Always wanted to write. Always, always since I was, I don't know, small. My 5th grade teacher confiscated a story I was writing when I should have been paying attention to her, and that wasn't my first attempt.

I'm a single ambition person. And life, since then, has been a case of trying to decide whether this is a good thing or whether I'm being bloody stupid. Currently in a 'good thing' phase. And I'm hoping this this time I've learned that 'bloody stupid' may be right, absolutely right, but isn't stupid just the way everybody lives?

Serious writing 1992 - 2007. Completed five novels, thirty short stories, bunch of poems. Published six short stories in small press magazines. Won a small poetry prize. Got one agent interested enough in one fantasy title to have me send the whole manuscript.

Bad time 2008 - 2010. Went through 'I'm being bloody stupid' phase, and tried to change myself into an accountant. Fat chance. Still wrote, created a monthly podcast for agnostics called The Naked Soul (see snr.livejournal.com).

Back to serious writing 2010 - present. 'SHEN' is the revised manuscript of a novel I first finished in 1995. It's space opera, about a ship that launches itself and collects its own crew. These poor people try to figure out what they ought to be doing, and how the universe actually works, as best they can. It will be entered in the Mslexia Novel Writing competition at the end of September. Depending how that goes, I may or may not go the indy route and publish on CreateSpace or Smashwords or both (can you do that?)


January 2015



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