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Introducing Volax

I had a shampoo, cut and blow dry scheduled today. It would have been 10am, not my preference. I am a morning person, down to my toenails. When I'm writing I hate to lose any part of the slot between 8am and noon. Was delighted when the salon phoned to say that my hairdresser had a colour job running late, and could I come at 2:45 instead?

I needed that. Some chapters are so ripe for the writing that you can type them like you're taking dictation. I'm so excited about this one because it's helping the reader to understand a fictional creation for which I think I can take full credit for inventing (unless you count all access to the Jungian collective unconscious as plagarism. In that case, we're all criminals.)

So anyway, I'm talking about volax. These are mortal, sentient beings who die, but somehow an idea of them continues. They are ideas that remember being people. They don't have bodies, but they can project a concept of body. They can just as easily be invisible. They don't have emotions -- I couldn't see any justification for them, but they are driven by the need to grow and change, to add to themselves with variations and additional data. They can literally collect the experience out of other brains.

And in the Shen universe, they get mistaken for all kinds of paranormal stuff - ghosts, angels, vampires, zombies, fairies, demons. Some have been around so long, they've witnessed more than one Big Bang. Now that's bound to do something to your personal value system.


January 2015



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